Kink is an unconventional sexual taste or behavior. A kink can turn you on, but you don’t necessarily need it for sexual fulfillment.

Fetish is a condition in which you have a strong sexual fixation with a particular inanimate object or non-genital body part, and you can’t get turned on or orgasm without it. The object or body part getting you off is called a fetish.

Paraphilia is a psychiatric term for ‘kink”, referring to any atypical and non-normative sexual behavior by which you will get sexual arousal and gratification. Fetishism is a category of paraphilia.

So, stay conscious and play wisely!

Your reservation covers the cost of event.

There are no run package fees or extra cost for event.

Must have Camp Oneida Membership & have reservations or day pass to attend.

Camp Oneida Fetish Pride is a production,  We are not Oneida Campground . If you need to make a reservation or speak to someone at the camp use the link on the right to be taken to their website.