Binghamton Kink Community

Official C.O.F.P Dungeon Rules  

1. No cameras or recording devices are allowed in the Dungeon Area, including Cell phones. 

  • Turn Cell phones off. If you must stay connected, set cell phones to vibrate or silent.
  • NO cell phone use inside the Dungeon Area. 


2 .No alcohol in the Dungeon Area. 

  • Intoxicated or chemically impaired individuals will not be allowed.
  • Dungeon Host/DM has the final word.


3. Treat everyone with equal courtesy regardless of self-identification categories or lack thereof.

4. Do not touch without permission. People, toys, clothing, food, and belongings are all the same, ask first. 

5. No conversation or socialization in the Dungeon Area.

6. No means No. Once is enough. Failure to say No does not constitute a Yes.

  • Asking someone to play, or just to talk,  is a form of compliment. Continuing to ask after you get a "No" is harassment.                                   

     7. Place a towel between naked bodies and non-play furniture.                 

     8.  No: Scat, Rainbow(vomit) Play, No Knife Play or Cutting, Firearms real or simulated in the Dungeon Area.

    • No Watersports(piss play) on padded equipment.

    9. Negotiate all scenes. 

    • Establish Safe words. "Red", “Yellow” and “Green” are the default.   
    • Notify Dungeon Host/DM if you use other safe words.
    • Do not involve yourself in a scene without previously established invitation.

    10.  Notify Dungeon Host/DM before beginning any consensual/non-consent, single-tail whip, take-down, loud, unusual, disruptive as well as any other extreme or potentially messy play scenes.

    11. Dungeon Hosts/DM ALWAYS have the final word  including the right to stop or disallow any scene.

    12.  Bring everything you need to play. 

    • Your own toys, blankets, towels, etc. 
    • Any supplies required for specialized, complicated or potentially messy scenes such as drops, containment materials, gloves, safer sex or First Aid supplies. 

    13.  Do not monopolize equipment.

    • Do not sit on or leave your toys on the play equipment.

    14. Respect scenes.

    • Pay attention to the personal space required for the scene as well as any back-swing.
    • DO NOT interrupt, speak to or touch anyone involved in a scene, for any reason, without previously established permission.

    15.  Respect the  Dungeon Area.

    • Always clean and sanitize equipment after your scene.
    • Clean up after yourself, place trash in appropriate container.
    • Supplies to sanitize equipment are provided. 

    16. Observing play is encouraged.

    • Keep quiet. No talking if you are not involved in a scene.
    • Observe discreetly from a distance.
    • If you find something disturbing or offensive then move to a different scene or leave the Dungeon Area.
    • DO NOT intervene. Do not interrupt, speak to or touch anyone involved in a scene, for any reason.
    • If you have a concern, bring it to the attention of the Dungeon Host/DM.

    17.  All injuries or any equipment problems must be immediately reported to a Dungeon Host/DM.