Dungeon Etiquette
By: Perry and PecanSalad
For new and experienced folks alike! Get acquainted with rules and expectations that will ensure everyone has a great time!

Dungeon Play Demonstration
By: Perry
See how what you learned in Dungeon Etiquette can be put to use, so you're ready for the play party! Featuring rope and attitude!

Kinky Poolside Q&A
By: PecanSalad
Kinky? Curious? Want to talk about it? Relax by the pool, and learn a thing or two in the process!

Pervertables Class
By: PecanSalad
Filling your toy bag can be as simple as opening the kitchen drawer or visiting the craft store! Pervertables are non-toy objects that can be employed as BDSM toys. With a little creativity, a sense of adventure, and an eye for risk mitigation, just about any kinkster can find something to play with just about anywhere! Don’t believe it? We’ll show you how! Grab an object, any object (so long as it doesn’t break BKC rules!) that’s NOT a kinky toy and bring it with you to class!

In Through the Out Door: Anal Play for Fun and Pleasure
By: Perry
Some of subjects covered will be anal anatomy, hygiene, physical and mental preparation, utilizing autonomic nervous responses, relaxation, and opening for larger objects. Many of these anal play techniques will be covered in the live demonstration!